Green Tyre
Windpower tyres help save the environment
and energy - in two ways.
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Green Tyre

Windpower tyres help save the environment and energy - in two ways. Because both the resource-conserving, certified production methods and specific product benefits and rolling characteristics of the Windpower tyres contribute to relieving the burden on the environment in a sustainable manner. This is what the sustainability label "Green Tyre" stands for.

Over the past few years, for example, we have already reduced the energy required for tyre production by 25 percent: through, amongst other things, the one hundred percent re-use of waste water and steam using energy and heat recovery based on the concept "waste water / zero emission".

Windpower's re-designed tread patterns reduce rolling resistance and fuel consumption in daily use. And because Windpower tyres can be retreaded, this second life means that they can be in service for a particularly long time. All of this markedly reduces the impact on the environment.

Windpower is certified in accordance with REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation of CHemicals). The European REACH regulation prohibits the use of chemicals whose effects on humans and the environment are not known or not yet sufficiently known. Windpower tyres have been manufactured in accordance with this regulation since 2010 - and not just for the European market, but for the entire world.

With Windpower tyres you're always on the safe side and are also making a daily contribution to safeguarding the environment and preserving its resources.