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Aside from their attractive purchase price, all Windpower tyres meet the requirements for receiving support under the "De-Minimis" program and thus offer an additional potential saving through state subsidies:

The Federal Office for Goods Transport supports road haulage companies with the "De-Minimis" incentive program, in the areas "safety and environment" with a maximum annual subsidy of up to 33,000 euros. Subsidies are given for the acquisition of equipment, facilities and other measures in the area of environment and safety, as well as for consultations on environmental and safety-related questions of corporate governance. The vehicle-specific support measures also include the purchase of low-noise or rolling-resistance-optimised truck tyres. The prerequisite for this is that they comply with the requirements of the Directive of the European Parliament and of the Council on motor vehicles type approval. (COM (2008) 316).

In the case of Windpower, all tread patterns meet the requirements and are thus eligible for a state subsidy in addition to substantial savings on the purchase price.

DE-Minimis DE-Minimis