A snowflake is the hallmark of the perfect winter combination
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A snowflake is the hallmark of the perfect winter combination

With the W80-series, Windpower offers genuine winter tyres for the drive and steering axle, and also the WTR69 with M+S identifier from November.

Wet and slippery roads make driving a truck in winter a real challenge. As with cars, genuine winter tyres with the snowflake symbol are therefore also gaining in importance for trucks. Because, with the correct tyres, even the winter months can be easily mastered. With its W80 series of winter tyres for the drive and steering axles, Windpower provides the optimum solution - or rather the perfect winter shoes - onto the road. Windpower tyres are exclusively available in Germany from Bohnenkamp AG from Osnabrück.

The Windpower WSW 80 M+S for the steering axle and the WDW 80 M+S for the drive axle give the driver and the truck the optimum combination for the highest level of safety on all their journeys.

The WSW 80 M+S is ideal for the steering axle and is also suitable as a tyre for trucks that transport hazardous materials. In addition the tyre can also be used on the rear axle or as a trailer wheel. The improved traction grip blocks of the WSW 80 M+S and its modern blade construction guarantee excellent handling. The wide, deep tread bed,  the semi-open tyre shoulder and the tread compound that is adapted for winter use provide for very good adhesion, even on wet surfaces. The carcass of the WSW 80 M+S, which can be retreaded, makes a second winter life on the drive axle possible.

The WDW 80 M+S was developed specially as a tyre for the drive axle in wintry and wet conditions and offers excellent traction characteristic on this demanding surface. The large footprint and the high tread depth ensure a good grip, which is reinforced by the tyre's excellent self-cleaning properties. The WDW 80 M+S can also be retreaded.

WTR69 with M+S identifier
The WTR69 series is designed for use on trailers and will be available with M+S identifier from November 2015. The WTR69 was specially designed with a view to high mileage, low fuel consumption and ride comfort. The tyre has sidewall protective ribbing, which offers protection against fabric breaks and sidewall damage. The solid shoulder helps to avoid irregular scuffing, and the dual tread compound (DTC) makes for high mileage and high fuel efficiency. Furthermore the carcass construction has been improved again in order to achieve outstanding comfort, a high degree of tyre stability and less inner heating.

Windpower offers perfect winter combination Windpower offers perfect winter combination