Successful premiere of Windpower at the Truck Grand Prix!

During the Truck Grand Prix at the Nürburgring from the 8th to the 10th July, Bohnenkamp AG of Osnabrück introduced an expert audience to the Windpower truck tyres for the first time.

ADAC Mittelrhein, who organised the event in the shadow of Nürburg this past weekend, recorded over 210,000 visitors. With great weather, good spirits all round and world-class racing, Windpower's presence in the industrial warehouse was a huge success. In addition to straight product information and the numerous good conversations, the "Formula 1-like" wheel-changing competition in particular left a lasting impression with all those involved. As the event progressed, the prize T-shirts displaying the logo "Starke Typen erkennt man am Profil" could be seen more and more often amongst the visitors.

A perception that was further supported by three-time European Truck Race champion, Heinz Werner Lenz's racing team. The congenial family racing team from Plaidt am Rhine used an Actros sporting the Windpower logo for various activities. It was also Heinz Werner Lenz - who enjoys the status of "King of the Ring" and is held in the highest esteem by the fans - and son Sascha who provided for another highlight with an autograph session at the Windpower stand.

Henrik Schmudde, Head of Marketing at Bohnenkamp AG, Osnabrück, who has been marketing the products for over five years, captured the eventful Ring weekend in a nutshell: "That was a thoroughly successful event. It was incredibly fun and we sensed that the brand becoming increasingly important in the market. Our goal was to generate interest in the products and in doing so support the specialist tyre trade as our sales partners.
We achieved this completely - to be continued."

Windpower Team Windpower Team
Changing wheels a la Formel 1 Changing wheels a la Formel 1