Truck tyres

Front axle

Front axle tyres must fulfil special requirements due to their direct connection with the steering axle. They  must provide directional stability when driving straight and tracking stability when cornering. Our high-quality products provide your vehicle with the right grip  on the road - whether in regional or long-distance transport, on buses or municipal vehicles. You can find the right tyre in our online shop. 

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Drive axle

The vehicle's drive wheel tyres usually carry the greatest load. They  have to provide the traction for acceleration on the road as well as transfer the braking forces and decelerations by the engine to the ground when easing off the throttle. For this reason, depending on the intended use, our treads have  an interlocked, block-like tread that also has specially enhanced resistance and is particularly cost-effective. 

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Their job is to distribute the weight of the vehicle and transfer more braking power to the road, while giving the vehicle lateral stability under lateral forces. By using the very latest tyre technology ,our tyres with the Long Life Compounds and a flexible tread have a long service life.

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Due to their special tread design, our all-position tyres are multifunctional.
They are ideally used in local/construction site traffic or in regional transport. This is why buses and construction site vehicles are mostly equipped with all-position tyres. An especially low rolling resistance and customised optional extras, such as  a particularly cut-resistant rubber compound, make our all-position tyres the right tyre for your vehicle. 

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Tyres suitable for winter are becoming increasingly important. Therefore, we have also made our most important  treads ready for winter use . With the 3PMSF symbol, we meet the highest standard for winter tyres, thereby providing you with the necessary grip on snow- and ice-covered roads. With deeper treads and a sophisticated sipe structure, you and your vehicle  will be well equipped for the winter with our winter tyres.

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Our truck tyre range

We have the right tyre for  your vehicle. Whether long-distance, local or regional transport - for buses as well as for municipal transport. Our tyres are manufactured according to state-of-the-art technology for various applications and keep your vehicle safely on the road, even in winter. 

Product areas

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Long-distance transport

Mileage is particularly important in long-distance transport.  Not only is a quality rubber compound crucial for this, but also the sophisticated tread pattern, which should be as durable  as possible. In addition, the tyre should have the lowest  possible rolling resistance to ensure low fuel consumption. Windpower tyres are designed and manufactured according to state-of-the-art technological standards, so that they are always  ready to meet the demands of long distances.

Local and regional transport

A combination of fuel-efficiency and particularly resistant shoulders is indispensable in local and regional transport. When developing our tyres for daily regional and distribution haulage, we engineered them according to these very requirements. With extremely high resistance to impact and collision damage due to a strong shoulder combined with a sophisticated rubber compound , our tyres are a reliable, fuel-efficient  companion on your daily routes.



Tyres for buses and municipal transport, such as waste collection, have to endure a variety of acceleration and braking manoeuvres. They also usually have to be driven close to the kerb. For us, this means that when developing these tyres, we placed a particularly high value on the durability of the rubber compound and a particularly resistant tyre shoulder. 


Regional parcel distribution and the fast, flexible transportation of goods and merchandise by vans are growing in demand and becoming more important, even over longer distances. Therefore, we also count on our experience in this sector. High mileage, good grip and a reinforced tyre shoulder are what make our van tyres so reliable and cost-efficient. 

Extensive high-quality product range

You will find the right tyre for your application in our comprehensive range. Whether long-distance, regional or construction site traffic; for  buses or vans. Windpower has the right tyre for your vehicle!

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